Chiropractic Care for Kids in Cutlerville MI

chiropractor sees children for wellness chiropractic care

If your child is feeling stressed or their spine may be misaligned, the chiropractor at DeYoung Chiropractic will help them feel better with gentle and non-invasive adjustments in Cutlerville MI. Children can be extra-sensitive to misalignments of the spine because of their age and rapid growth. Not only can poor spinal health affect their development, but it can also affect their behavior and attitude! Our treatments work so your child can grow healthy and pain-free.


As children grow and develop, their bodies are under a lot of stress. That means keeping them healthy requires maintenance which can be difficult without the proper care--as parents know all too well! Chiropractic treatment is an excellent option for those who want to ensure that they don't miss out on important years with their child because of childhood conditions or difficulties.

This may surprise you, but stress and misalignment in a child’s body can begin at birth. Infant spines can come out of alignment simply from pressure involved with both natural and Cesarean birth. Unfortunately, babies have no way to communicate their pain source or what hurts them aside from crying out—which could mean anything! Throughout infancy, children may sleep in awkward positions while occasionally taking a tumble here and there as toddlers. Thankfully, kids are very resilient and can bounce back quickly. But it's not uncommon for childhood injuries to translate into movement patterns that affect bone alignment over time!

As kids grow up, their spines can suffer from poor posture. Sitting in front of a computer or TV will have serious repercussions on the spine because it causes them to slouch over for hours at a time with no breaks. Playing contact sports could also be damaging to a child’s spine, as is wearing heavy bags and backpacks or carrying around textbooks. Even sitting all day at school can put stress on your child’s spine. And when they get even older, they may enter the workforce and encounter more serious forms of labor like waiting tables, mowing lawns, or painting houses.

As you can see, plenty of childhood tasks and stressors can cause a developing child’s spine to become out-of-alignment, which will affect other aspects of how they function physically, and even emotionally.


A misaligned spine can sometimes cause a child to experience pain and discomfort, but they may not always know what's wrong because it takes an adult level of self-awareness. Even if children are in severe levels of distress from their spine issues or other childhood ailments, they may not understand what is happening to them, or they may communicate their pain in difficult-to-understand ways.


Chiropractic treatment for children begins with an extensive examination, in order to determine the precise problem and ideal path for treatment. Even if your child is too young or shy (or doesn't communicate), a chiropractor has skills that can help them find out exactly what's going on before proceeding with any treatments. Only gentle, child-friendly adjustments are made to the spine. Children will often become at ease and may even sleep following treatment at our clinic, a good sign that the adjustments helped. If are worried about your child’s spinal health or want to set up an appointment with one of our experts call DeYoung Chiropractic today!